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Customized Settlement Solutions

We are a full-service settlement planning company offering creative solutions tailored to meet the needs of attorneys and their clients. To accomplish that goal, we’ve brought together the best people, the best products, and the best processes in the settlement industry.

Structured Settlement Annuities

Structured Settlement Annuities provide claimants in Personal Injury, Wrongful Death,  Workers’ Compensation cases, and Medical Malpractice with a valuable tool for financial stability.  A structured settlement may be more beneficial than a lump sum cash payment and some providers will structure amounts as low as $10,000.  Milner Settlements facilitates the process from start to finish, providing plans that meet present and future financial needs.

Market-Based Structured Settlements

Market-Based Structured Settlements provide the opportunity to receive tax-free income or tax-deferred income while enjoying market-driven growth potential. Programs including Settlements Plus™, Fee Structure Plus®, and Treasury Funded Structured Settlements™ offer flexibility of design to allow attorneys and claimants to address their financial needs.

Non-Qualified Structured Settlements

Certain types of Non-Qualified Settlements are eligible for income tax deferral if the proceeds are placed in a Structured Settlement annuity. The claimant receives the settlement funds in a series of periodic payments and is liable only for the taxes on the funds received within a given tax year. Non-Qualified Settlements can be used to resolve many types of claims, including employment litigation, construction defects, contract disputes, and more.

Attorney Fee Deferral Strategies

By electing to defer fees, an attorney also defers the tax obligation until the year in which payments are received. Financial vehicles include fixed annuities or market-based annuities, each with its own minimum investment, setup and/or annual administration costs, and growth potential.

Trust Services

It may be appropriate for a claimant to place all or a portion of his or her settlement proceeds into a trust.  Our team offers assistance with every step of establishing and managing a trust, from providing access to a national network of trust attorneys who can draft trust documents to connecting claimants with reputable nationally chartered corporate trustees.

Qualified Settlement Funds (468B Trusts)

A Qualified Settlement Fund (QSF) is a tool for managing settlements involving multiple claimants. When a QSF is created and funded, claimants gain the time they need to receive a proper settlement consultation, resolve outstanding issues, and determine their best settlement options.

Government Benefit Preservation

In most states, assets as low as $2,000 ($3,000 if married) are sufficient enough to render a claimant ineligible for most needs-based benefit programs (e.g., Medicaid, SSI, SNAP, TANF, Subsidized Housing, and CHIP).  Our team of experts works to provide settlement solutions that protect claimants from the potentially catastrophic implications associated with the loss of benefit eligibility.

Mass Tort Settlement Resolution

With projects that involve complex, ever-evolving compliance requirements, ethics rules, and legal and regulatory issues, it is imperative to have a team you can rely upon to properly resolve a mass tort claim.  Our team offers scalable, customized solutions to ensure law firm compliance, streamline administration, minimize costs, and reduce settlement funding time.

Lien Resolution

Unresolved liens are the most common reason for a delay or disruption in settlement disbursement. Furthermore, failure to resolve liens may jeopardize settlement funds and result in severe penalties. We work closely with reputable lien resolution experts to streamline the process of identifying and resolving Medicare, Medicaid, ERISA/Private Healthcare, and Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) liens.

Medicare Set-Asides

Claimants who currently receive or who expect to receive Medicare in the near future must follow specific guidelines when it comes to their future medical payments. A Medicare Set-Aside (MSA) is the government’s preferred method for protecting Medicare’s interests. Our team walks Medicare beneficiaries through the MSA process, helping to determine the necessity for an MSA, the appropriate allocation, and ensuring adherence to Medicare Secondary Payer provisions.

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