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Lien Resolution

Unresolved liens are the most common reason for a delay or disruption in settlement disbursement. Furthermore, failure to resolve liens may jeopardize settlement funds and result in severe penalties. We work closely with reputable lien resolution experts who streamline the process of identifying and resolving liens.

Common Types of Liens

Medicare Liens:    Medicare Secondary Payer laws stipulate that for cases involving Medicare beneficiaries, Medicare must be the first payee of a lawsuit. The burden is on the beneficiary to determine if a lien exists and to report it to Medicare. Our partners work to ensure that legal requirements are met and that Medicare benefits are safe.

Medicaid Liens:    Medicaid regulations are complex and vary from state to state. In many instances, Medicaid can and will seek reimbursement from a portion of the settlement. By working with local Medicaid offices, our partners are able to assist injured claimants in meeting legal requirements and preserving Medicaid benefits.

ERISA or Private Healthcare Liens:    An ERISA or private healthcare plan may attempt to seize a portion of the settlement amount—or, in some cases, the entire settlement—to recover the medical benefits it has distributed on behalf of the client.

Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Liens:    Claimants who received veterans benefits to cover the cost of medical care, dental care, hospitalization, or surgical procedures could be subject to seizure to repay a lien.

Lien Resolution Services

Our lien resolution partners provide expert guidance in:

  • Identifying potential liens
  • Determining if any relevant benefits have been received
  • Managing correspondence with lienholder
  • Carefully auditing payment summaries
  • Negotiating the reduction or waiving of liens
  • Submitting appeals and petitions as needed
  • Coordinating paperwork and administrative functions
  • Ensuring compliance with state/federal requirements and policies

Mass Tort Lien Resolution Services

For cases involving hundreds, or even thousands of claimants, lien obligations can be overwhelming.  Our team’s strategic partners are equipped to resolve liens on a large scale, with the same attention to compliance and efficiency as demonstrated in single-event cases. We work with leaders in the lien resolution industry to resolve liens quickly and advantageously on mass tort cases.

For more information about lien resolution, contact Milner Settlements today.

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