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Qualified Settlement Funds (468B Trusts)

A Qualified Settlement Fund (QSF), also referred to as a 468B Trust, is an exceptionally useful settlement tool that allows time to properly resolve mass tort litigation and other cases involving multiple claimants. When a QSF is created and funded, the defendant makes a payment into the trust account in exchange for a full release of all claims.

Qualified Settlement Funds: Benefits for Both Sides

In addition to the release of liability, the defendant is eligible to receive an immediate tax deduction for the payment. In the meantime, claimants gain the time they need to receive a proper settlement consultation and to determine their best settlement options. The additional time also allows for lien resolution and the preparation of required documentation without the time pressures of litigation. Claimants without any outstanding issues will not have to wait for their co-claimants’ issues to be resolved in order to receive their settlement distribution.

Qualified Settlement Fund Services

Our team works with industry-leading strategic partners in qualified settlement fund administration. Services include:

  • Preparing all motions, court orders, and documents needed to establish and administer the fund
  • Generating client closing statements and providing accounting for the fund
  • Disbursement of all claimant payments, including directing funding of Special Needs Trusts and/or structured settlements
  • Live call center assistance
  • Attorney fee and expense disbursement
  • Executing qualified assignments
  • Managing payment of finalized liens
  • Printed educational materials for claimants
  • National bankruptcy and probate coordination
  • Fraud protection/check validity verification
  • Daily account reconciliation, monthly financial accounting, and reporting
  • Treasury management and investment of funds within the QSF
  • Tax return filings and 1099 issuance
  • Access to local elder law and probate attorneys across the country
  • Closing of the fund and interest reconciliation

For more information about Qualified Settlement Funds, contact Milner Settlements today.

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